Body Glove Red Cell Wetsuits

dave || September 17, 2016

Fall is upon us, and we know you can feel it in the air too. No need to worry Roxy Fall 2016 is already hitting the shelves. We are here to keep you warm and stoked, in and out of the water, as summer fades way. Check out this video highlighting some of the new Roxy cold weather/ cold water gear thats stocking the shop.


Patagonia Worn Wear Repair Truck

dave || August 4, 2016

 Coming to Cinnamon Rainbows Sunday Sept 4th 2016 11:00am til 4 pm

Mikey Moran and Mikey Evans

dave || July 4, 2016


Surfing with Smiles

dave || June 10, 2016

Hangs Upon Nothing

dave || May 28, 2016

"Hangs Upon Nothing" A 16mm surf film This Sat May 28th 7pm at The Music Hall Portsmouth,NH.

Roxy Summer 2016

dave || May 17, 2016

Gabriel Medina back flip

dave || May 16, 2016

Boards of Length

dave || April 29, 2016

Wipeout of the year

dave || April 28, 2016